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An office space with flexibility to grow as your business grows

01 November 2023
Team working on a project using their laptops

Finding the right office space that is perfectly sized for you and your needs may sound like a simple thing to do, but with many businesses wanting to scale and growth their business or needing to change their operating model to match their current situation, being tied into the wrong office space can be a game changer.

Hexagon is more than just a place to work

12 October 2023
Group of young people having a casual conversation while drinking coffee

If you are a small and start up business wanting to move on from working at the kitchen table, a business wanting an office away from home or a freelancer needing an alternative to the coffee shop, Hexagon Business Centres provide the perfect workspace for you.

Spotlight on our tenant Prizeshark

29 August 2023
Prizeshark team photo

Next in our ‘Spotlight Series’ we turn to our tenant Pete Andrews from Prizeshark, who will be candidly sharing with us a little more about life as a Hexagon tenant.

Spotlight on our tenant Jolt

06 June 2023
jolt studio

There is nothing better than hearing first hand from our tenants about how they find the Hexagon team and facilities. So today we’d like to give a super warm welcome and introduce you to our tenant Wes West at Jolt, who will be candidly sharing with us a little more about life as a Hexagon tenant.

So, let’s kick off!

A guide to finding an office space that is right for you

05 May 2023
office space

With many different types of office spaces available, it’s important to find a work space that is right for your business. With many more options than the traditional ‘office’ that probably first comes to mind, we thought it would be useful to dispel any confusion and provide some guidance on the pros and cons of the most popular types.

SIX-tea questions - We chat to the Hexagon team over a cuppa

04 May 2023
staff questionnaire

We talk a lot about the Hexagon team and how their personal and professional approach makes all the difference to helping our tenants. So, what better way to get to know them more than our SIX-tea session where we ask them sixty quick fire questions over a cuppa.