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Being social at work when you’re a solo worker

05 July 2019

Working alone at home for long periods of time can be isolating and lonely. Yes, you can work anywhere nowadays with Wi-Fi, mobiles and laptops, yes working alone is great for concentration, yes you might get more done, but working alone can quickly become demoralising.

Why? Humans are social beings, we like being around other people. For freelancers, sole traders and entrepreneurs working alone it’s not always easy to create a sociable environment at work. 

The impact of isolation and loneliness on mental health is widely recognised. According to the mental health charity Mind, at least one in six people are experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression in any given week.

Sociable working is one reason why business centres, shared offices and co-working spaces have grown in popularity. Freelancers, solo workers and one-man-bands enjoy a sociable workplace and the opportunity to connect with other likeminded professionals.

Simply saying good morning to the reception team when you arrive or meeting up with other tenants when making coffee in the kitchen, eating lunch in the break out area and saying hello in the corridor all provide welcome human interaction. 

At Hexagon Business Centres we encourage our tenants to get together at our regular social events. A chat at a coffee and cake morning or a sandwich and soup lunch takes little time from your day but enables you to meet other like-minded business owners, to make connections and even friends. It provides the opportunity to network, to collaborate and learn from each other and to share news and views.

Abbie Willcox, centre manager, said, “Many of our tenants could easily work from home but they still choose to spend the majority of their working week here at the office. We have lots of freelancers and solo workers and even small businesses that enjoy the social element of having a serviced office.”

Click here to find out more about having a serviced office at Hexagon Business Centres and the social events that we organise for our tenants or call 01993 848770