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Spotlight on Beyond Your Brand

17 January 2024

Beyond Your Brand are a Digital Marketing Agency and a tenant at Hexagon Elmfield Business Centre, with a team of nine full time employees and growing. We talk to Founder Paul Coombes about why a serviced office is the perfect home for their business.

For those people who don’t know about BYB, would you mind giving a quick introduction on what you do?

Beyond Your Brand are a Digital Marketing Agency that specialise in two main areas. The first is our website as-a-service or subscription model, which is the 100 club. It's £100 a month for a bespoke-built website with no upfront costs, and includes everything from maintenance, security and backups and provides clients with the ability to update their website up to six times per month at no extra cost. This is perfect for the SME market that are looking to take their next step, perhaps from having built their own website. This service allows our client’s websites to evolve as their business evolves without any complications.

The other side of the business is Digital Marketing which typically is used by people who are keen to get more visibility through Search Engine Optimization or ads, whether that be social media ads or Google ads ads. This helps websites get more traction, gain more visitors, and attract more of their target audiences. Both services are fulfilled by the team 100% in-house, rather than outsourced to any third parties, which we believe is key to delivering an exceptional customer service.

You’ve been a tenant of Hexagon Business Centres for some time now? How did this come about?

We’ve been a tenant of Hexagon Business Centres for about two and half years now. Prior to that we were working from home, or coffee shops and later, co-renting with another local business in Witney. However, as the business began to grow and we needed to expand, we wanted a professional office space that was dedicated to us and something that offered flexibility both in scaling space and commercial terms. We didn't want to be stuck with long-term contracts and so the fact that we have a rolling contract meant that we weren't overcommitting the company financially. We also wanted a serviced office, where everything was included. That was another big thing. Hexagon offer a simple financial model with a fixed monthly payment that includes everything: rates, utilities, broadband etc.

It was also important to us to move to an office space from a credibility perspective. In our industry, a lot of agencies are outsourcing their work to places where it's cheaper to get human resources. In our opinion, it's important to have that continuity of service and provide direct contact. A serviced office allows clients to come into a professional and credible environment and meet the team.

And do you do get the opportunity to collaborate and network with other local business tenants?

One thing we didn’t expect when we initially signed up as a tenant is that we’d become part of a really nice community here, even between the different Hexagon buildings. The Hexagon team, arrange social activities for all the tenants every month or so, held at the different Business Centres, which is great for meeting other businesses and generally making us feel part of a wider business community, and on occasion providing sales opportunities through networking.

In addition to the business community, do you get support from the Hexagon Team?

It really is hard to imagine that you could get a better service anywhere else. Abbie and the Hexagon team really do care about their tenants, care that goes above and beyond just client retention. They are in regular communication, responsive and quick to solve any problems we’ve had (such as broadband connectivity being lost – a fault of the provider not Hexagon) and generally really proactive and caring about making sure we have what we need to run our business, and that the space and environment works for our business. It is also the little things they do that make us feel part of a business community, such as gifts or treats to mark any celebrations like Easter for example, or ice cream deliveries on a super-hot day.

We understand an office move is on the cards for 2024?

Yes, we have made a commitment to expand into an office that is probably twice the size of what we have here, and we are very firmly committed to staying within the Hexagon infrastructure. One of the great things about Hexagon is being able to scale up our business scales, whilst being able to remain with Hexagon, as they are able to provide us with the space we need to match our business needs. We are keen to continue making new business connections, and with new hires ready to start in 2024, it looks set to be probably the most exciting year that we’ve have so far as a business.

If you would like to know more about Beyond Your Brand’s services or would like advice about how to get more online visibility, they offer a free Discovery Call. Please feel free to get in touch. We would be delighted to share our experience and expertise.