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Spotlight on Lock Up Storage Solutions

27 February 2024

This month the spotlight is on Hexagon’s Virtual Tenant, Lock Up Storage Solutions, where we talk to CEO Aaron Bennett about how the virtual office provides the support they need for their business.

For those people who don’t know about Lock Up Storage Solutions, would you mind giving a quick overview of what your business does.

Lockup Storage Solutions specialise in all aspects of storage from initial build and design through to installation and project completion, offering three main services: self-storage design, consultation and installation. My business partner and I established Lockup Storage Solutions whilst supporting other businesses with the design, maintenance and building of large storage units across the UK. This demand for self-storage has continued to grow both in the UK and Europe meaning for us 2024 is all about growth.

Why did you become a Virtual Tenant and what services do you take?

Our team is often on-site and can’t take phone calls, so we rely heavily on Hexagon to support customer enquiries coming into the business. They work as an extension of our business, answering all calls as if they were part of the Lockup Storage Solutions team. The messages are then passed to us quickly so that we can respond and action them. We also have a business address with Hexagon which provides us with a central private address for any documentation, and for deliveries or mail, where it is kept secure until we collect it.

What are the 3 key benefits to being a virtual tenant?

  1. We don’t have to worry about missing calls from enquiries or existing customers when we’re busy doing the day job, as we know that any calls or enquiries that come in are taken care of by the virtual office team.
  2. We love having a delivery address that we’re able to collect from when it suits us. By having a business address, we never miss a delivery.
  3. Even though we are a small business, the support of the virtual team provides our customers with a professional service and image.

And finally, what made you choose Hexagon Business Centres?

It was for several reasons, the locality of the Business Centres making it easy to pop by to collect mail and the team itself who are both professional and friendly, and easy to do business with. The pricing structure was also what we were after, with one set monthly price for everything we need.

If you're seeking a dedicated, professional, and friendly team to assist you while managing your business, look no further than Hexagon. Their services not only provide valuable phone, address and telephone services, but also give you the peace of mind that your business communications are in competent hands, whilst you get on a run your business.”

Aaron Marc Bennett – Lockup Storage Solutions CEO