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How Hexagon’s telephone answering helps tradesmen

10 November 2020

For plumbers, electricians or any tradesmen, keeping on top of telephone calls from new customers and suppliers whilst you are on site working is often a real challenge. Answering your mobile when under a sink or connecting wires is not easy, yet alone the impression it gives the customer whose house you’re in, if you’re constantly being distracted when on their job.

Having your calls directed to a telephone answering service can help make you look more professional and make your life easier. Hexagon Business Centres provides a telephone answering service where we answer your calls as if we are part of your business. We get to know you and your business so that we can help callers, make appointments and take messages. We get to know your regular customer’s and build friendly relationships with them!

One of our virtual tenants is a JC Gas, a heating engineer who is on the road as a mobile business. We answer his telephone calls for him so that he can concentrate on servicing, mending and installing boilers. The calls are answered as if we are his reception and, as we get to know the business well, we act just as if we really are the business.

Jordan Cross of JC Gas said, “Having the Hexagon team answer my telephone calls ensures that my customers never have to wait for a call to be answered or to leave a message. I don’t have to scrabble for my phone when I’m with another customer and find a pen to note down a number and then remember to phone them back. The Hexagon team do that for me in a much more professional way than I could!”

Abbie Willcox, Centre Manager of Hexagon Business Centre said ”Good customer service is so important for smaller businesses and having telephone calls answered promptly and professionally makes a real difference. It also helps the tradesmen themselves who are free to concentrate on the task in hand on site without worrying about missing calls.”

Jordan Cross adds, “Once I started having my calls answered by the team at Hexagon, I realised it provided a much better impression to callers than when I was answering the phone myself.  People don’t like leaving messages so I miss far less calls.”

With Hexagon’s telephone answering service costing just £1/call, it is a great service for tradesmen who are out and about on the road all day. To find out more call 01993 848770 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..