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What is a virtual office?

26 July 2019

If you don’t want the expense of a physical office then a virtual office is for you! Virtual office services can help to give your business a professional image without the expense of having an actual office or office staff. 

New businesses, sole traders and micro businesses use virtual office services to give the impression that they are a bigger, well-established, local business. Here’s how: 

Use a business address rather than your home address and collect your mail 24/7/365 or have it forwarded to you. Having a business address also means that there is always someone to take in your deliveries so when you’re out and about at meetings or seeing clients, you can relax knowing that your parcels are still being signed for.

You can have a business telephone number that you have control over so that calls ring on whatever device you need them to. With programming access via an online portal, you can switch the calls to ring from landlines to mobile. You can use any UK dialling code to appear local if you sell in towns and cities that you are not actually based in, so work in Witney but have a London number so that you appear to be London based.

Sometimes you need a meeting room for an important board meeting or to hold a seminar or training session. Access to meeting rooms with Wi-Fi, Internet access, screen, flip charts and white boards are the solution. Virtual office providers often provide meeting rooms for hire by the half-day or day. 

How much more professional does it sound to have your incoming phone calls answered by a person that is not you? Virtual offices often have a telephone answering service that will answer calls in your company name, take a message and forward the message to you by email or text. Not only does it make you look like a bigger organisation but it means that you never miss a call or have your customers leave a voicemail.

So you’re great at what you do, but what about all those admin jobs that are so important to running a business that you keep putting off? Find out if your virtual office service provider offers office administration support for tasks like secretarial and PA services or credit control. They may be also able to cover whilst you are on holiday, help when you are busy or just handle the day to day admin that you never quite get around to doing.

Hexagon Business Centres in Witney provides a comprehensive range of virtual office services so that businesses can select the solution that is right for them. Maybe you just want to use a business address rather than your home address and combine it with telephone answering; you may want to use some admin support on an ad hoc basis or a meeting rooms from time to time. Being a virtual tenant at Hexagon Business Centres can make your business appear more professional and make your life easier. 

To find out more about virtual office services at Hexagon, call 01993 848770 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.