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What does 2023 look like for the SME business

13 January 2023

Whether you run a small business or are self-employed, there is no doubt that you’ll be hoping for a year of stability and growth, bereft of disruptions. 

Let’s look in more detail at what 2023 has in store, what challenges are you likely to be dealing with, and how Hexagon may be just the business to help.

Managing Rising Costs

Rising costs and inflation will continue to pose a huge threat, with 70% of small business owners stating this is their biggest challenge in the next 12 months. (1)

It’s no surprise then that both serviced offices and virtual office services have gained huge popularity, as more and more self-employed or small businesses look for a centrally located space or extra office support, that have the benefits that a traditional office brings, but with flexible options and at an affordable rate.  

At a time when we’re facing unsettling economic times, this cost model of having an office space where everything is included for a set monthly price, is very attractive if you’re trying to grow your business whilst managing costs.

Standing Out From The Crowd

With just over 4 million self-employed workers in the UK and 5.5 million small businesses (2), standing out from the competition has never been more important.  A key component of this is delivering a professional customer experience, image and service. 

“Making your business stand out and finding a competitive edge in the crowded marketplaces of today can be a real challenge.” (3)

Hexagon Virtual Office is like having your own team of office assistants, who work seamlessly in the background but without the hassle or cost.  All telephone calls, enquiries, appointment scheduling and mail handling can be taken care of, leaving you to get on with what you do best.

Your clients will receive a personalised and professional experience as our team works as an extension of your business, and be you’ll be guaranteed privacy and credibility by having an established and dedicated business address.

Increased Side Hustle

Uncertainty over the cost-of-living crisis and recession makes for a difficult operating environment for a self-employed sector.  At the same time, pressure on the incomes of those not currently self-employed look set to drive more people to the sector – whether it’s retirees with skills to sell on a freelance basis, employees adopting a ‘side-hustle’ to top-up their income, or recently unemployed workers with an idea to become self-employed.

The term ‘side hustle’ has seen a 229 per cent increase in search volume, according to Google search trends May to October 2022, Yo3Y. (4)

Hexagon understands these challenges and offers the space and support that your business needs, whether that’s a fixed office workspace or an ad hoc meeting room or providing help with answering calls and taking mail.

Wellbeing & Mental Health

It’s not surprising that these pressures are impacting the emotional and mental health of small business owners, with a recent study showing that 1 in 5 business owners would describe their mental wellbeing as “bad” or “very bad”. (5)

Coupled with the rise of people working from home, wellbeing and gaining a better work life balance is likely to be at the forefront of the agenda for many people.

The Hexagon team appreciate how important this is and are proud to ensure that alongside the day-to-day networking with other tenants, that regular networking and social activities take place to provide interaction with other businesses across the business centres.

Hexagon Business Centres: The right space for you

Hexagon offers the space and support that your business needs, so whether you’re looking for a fixed office workspace or ad hoc meeting room, or need help with answering calls and taking mail, we can help.

Hexagon has four centrally located office spaces.  The private workspaces can accommodate 1-20 people and are fully serviced, taking the hassle and cost out of having your own office space.  We provide everything you need for a professional working environment, with the amenities you’d get at home, all for a clear monthly fee. 

If you’re a tradesperson, self-employed, spend your days working on site or just need an extra pair of hands, then Hexagon Virtual office maybe more suitable.  All you telephone calls, enquiries, appointment scheduling and mail handling can be taken care of by our professional team who will work as an extension of your business, and an established and dedicated business address will guarantee privacy and credibility. 

And if you’re looking to hold a meeting then Hexagon also offer meeting rooms which are fully equipped room for meetings, training and seminars. 

So, as we start 2023 if you’ve outgrown the kitchen table, want a more professional working environment that the local coffee shop, need some extra admin support or are ready to take that first step to having your own office, we have the right space for you.