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Tradespeople have never been so in demand, the question is – can you keep up?

04 August 2022

It seems everybody suddenly wants something doing – a home improvement, an odd job, a repair, or a long-awaited extension to their home or garden. 

In fact, this demand for tradespeople has risen by a staggering 50% in just 2 years (1) which is great right? But as this demand soars, can you keep up or are you finding it hard to juggle managing new enquiries with day job and losing potential work to your competitors?

Living up to expectations.

It’s no surprise that customers now expect an immediate response and don’t like waiting.  We all do it – make a call or enquiry and then get frustrated if we can’t get through to someone first time.   After all, everyone is busy, you included, and if the last 2 years have shown us anything is that with more companies providing faster access to similar services and products, often at similar prices, customers will be swayed by reliable, proven customer service (2).

How great would it be to be able to get on with what you do best and focus on the day job, knowing that any customer enquiries and calls are not going to voicemail and are in fact being taken care of.  Even better, the call is answered by a virtual assistant who not only answers the call, so it is never unanswered, but answers it as if they are part of your business with a personal welcome greeting.  Pretty cool right?

Having your cake and eating it.

You’re probably thinking that although this sounds great, it’s going to be expensive.  Wrong.  Hexagon’s Virtual Assistant costs less that you’re weekly Friday night pint.  Add to this how much work you could be losing by not being able to take a customer call and suddenly it seems an attractive solution.

At Hexagon we completely understand the challenge you’re facing of juggling the day job and the rising demand in customer calls, and that’s why our Virtual Office solution could be just what you need.

We have a team of experienced virtual assistants who will ensure that you never miss a call, that your calls are answered with a personalised message and more importantly, the message is passed on to you immediately without disturbing you whilst you work. 

Image is everything.

Not only will this lead to potential customers getting a really good experience from you, but it gives the impression that your business is professional, which is super important as first impressions really do count.  It also allows you to run alongside larger companies who have the budget and resource to employ customer service teams.

It’s a really cost-effective way of making sure your business stands out from your competitors without the hassle of you having to employ and manage anyone.  After all, you’ve certainly got enough challenges on your hands with shortages in supplies and rising material prices (3).  Professional customer communication could be the deal breaker.

Hexagon Virtual Office does the work for you for so you can take care of business.

Ready to get started? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll have you quickly set up.

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