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The unseen challenges of working from home

18 October 2019

The number of people working from home is on the increase but although it suits some people, it doesn’t necessarily suit every employee or indeed every employer. 

So yes, you can wear what you want, you can work when you want by choosing your own hours and you may no longer need to jump in the car and join the traffic jams and commuters at either end of the day. 

Yes you can work around family commitments, put the washing out, work in different rooms or even move your office into the garden on sunny days. Working at home can make you more effective than being office based, productivity can increase and job satisfaction can be greater; yet many homeworkers feel lonely, are easily distracted, lack engagement with colleagues and miss that social contact and communication around the water cooler or in the kitchen.  

The solution?

Collaborative spaces, shared offices, serviced offices and co-working spaces provide an environment where you can still work remotely but have the benefits of other people nearby. 

Many business centres like Hexagon Business Centres in Witney, offer shared kitchens and communal seating areas where users can meet up for coffee or lunch helping to overcome those feelings of isolation and loneliness. They also provide opportunities for making important connections and furthering business development through networking.

Business Services

Whether you use a shared workspace on a ‘rent a desk’ basis or opt for a serviced office, you can usually access other services that can help your business. Meetings, seminars and training can be held in a professional business environment by renting a meeting room complete with presentation technology and refreshments. Tap into the onsite support services like telephone answering and administration support, and relax safe in the knowledge that there is always someone there to sign for deliveries.

There may be a place for home working for some people and certain tasks, but serviced offices, workspaces or shared offices that provide a more professional work environment may be better suited to others.

If you work from home and want to find out more about serviced offices and shared workspaces in Witney, call one of our team at Hexagon Business Centres on 01993 848770