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Starting your own business

12 October 2021

The benefits of using a business centre as your business address when starting your own business.

The first thing most people do when they start a new business is choose a name and then buy a domain name. So you’ve purchased your .com or or whatever dot you want. Tick! Done. 

The second thing you should do is to decide now what address you are going to use for your new business. The easiest and probably the cheapest solution is to set up a new business from your home address, but it’s worth thinking about the implications of this before you get much further.

  • Your home address will be available for everyone to see
  • Deliveries will need to be made – can delivery vans come down your residential road (and what will the neighbours think?)
  • If you’re out and about at meetings or appointment, who will be there to sign for the post?
  • Do you have the right house insurance to run a business from home?
  • Are you able or do you want to have clients or customers come to meetings at your home? 
  • Is there somewhere separate that you can work or will you clear the kids toys and last night’s washing up from the kitchen table?
  • Does it look as professional as you want your new business to be using your home address?

Until your new business is of a size that you can justify having your own office, whether it be a serviced office or a leased office, it is often worth having a business address rather than using your home address even if your business is based at home. 

Some accountants or solicitors offer this service but becoming a virtual tenant with a business address at a local business centre offers a number of key advantages:

  • Your post and deliveries can easily be delivered as they tend to be in town centres with easy access
  • There is always someone to sign for deliveries
  • You can collect your post 24/7/365
  • Most business centres offer networking opportunities where you can meet other start ups or local businesses and grow your contacts
  • Business centres often provide additional services like telephone answering that can be advantage to start ups and small business, ensuring your phone is answered in a professional way even when you are busy
  • Business centres also provide other admin services like invoicing or holiday cover, diary keeping or appointment making that may help you to concentrate on what you do best rather than get caught up in the day to day administration of running your own business

Hexagon Business Centres in Witney offers virtual tenants the use of a business address as well as a range of admin services and a personal telephone answering service. And when your business needs a dedicated office, Hexagon has serviced offices of all sizes available on easy in, easy out monthly licences. To find out more about our business address service call 01993 848770.