Legal registered office address

Use our address as your registered office address

Registered Office Address Service

Separate home from work with a business address

Every company registered in the UK needs to have a registered address, which is where you have all your official paperwork sent via the post. It needs to be a permanent address that organisations such as Companies House and HMRC can send their letters and reminders to.

As a virtual tenant, you can use our address as your registered business address.

Why use a business address:

  • For correspondence ie inbound mail and deliveries
  • As a business trading address for use on marketing materials and stationery
  • Limited companies can use it as a Registered Office Address
  • To protect your privacy at home
  • Can make you look more professional
  • If you are out and about all day, we can take in your post and deliveries
To find out more about using our address as your registered office address call our reception team on 01993 848770 or email