Business Mailboxes

 Have your mail delivered to us for collection 24/7

Local mailbox services

Make life simpler with mail handling for inbound post

We provide mailboxes and mailbox services for small businesses and individuals with a UK postal address for inbound mail. Your mail is delivered to us for you to collect from your mailbox when it suits you, 24/7. We can also organise for mail forwarding if you are not able to collect your mail from Witney and we are here 9am-5pm to sign for parcels and deliveries.

Mailboxes are part of our virtual office package, which includes a business address. It is popular with small business owners who receive a lot of post or deliveries and prefer them not to be delivered to their home. Many of our mailbox users are out and about all day and are not at home to receive post and deliveries.

Our mailbox service is very personal. If you want, we can let you know when your post has arrived so that you know when you need to come and collect it or we forward it to you daily or weekly to suit you.

WHy use a mailbox?

  • You work from home but want a different business address for post
  • You’re not at home to take in post and parcels during the day
  • It gives a more professional image than using a home address
  • Ensures you never miss a delivery
  • Saves delivery vans and boxes blocking up your road and entrance
  • You live in shared accommodation or a flat and post sometimes gets mislaid
To find out more about our mailbox services call our reception team on 01993 848770 or email