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Don’t just take our word for it

14 December 2022

Words can really make a difference, especially when they’ve come directly from your customers!

That’s why we thought it was super important to share with you the honest feedback that we get from our Virtual Office tenants.

“Hexagon had an accessible office and all the facilities we needed to operate virtually.”

Afterall, it’s easy for us to tell you how a Virtual Office can benefit your business, or how our team will work as if they were a part of your team, but in a world where word of mouth and recommendations spark action – what’s better than hearing first hand the reasons our customers use a Virtual Office, and why.

So, sit back with a cuppa, take 5 and see for yourself what all the fuss is about  😊

Professional Customer Image

Name me a business that doesn’t want to look credible, experienced and professional? Now name me a time when a potential customer didn’t do their research on your business to ‘check you out’ and see if they like what they see? It’s a pretty key part of winning new customers and one of the main benefits that using a Virtual Office can bring.

“The virtual office helps my company to get professional look.”

“I choose Hexagon Virtual Office because it had good reviews.”

“It adds professionalism to our brand.”

“We still wanted to portray a professional, credible and legitimate business so a virtual office with Hexagon made sense.”

Works as an extension of your business

The entire premise behind the Virtual Office it simply to work as an extension of your team so you can get on with the day job.  What this means is that our team of virtual assistants answer your telephone calls and take deliveries on your behalf.  That your home address is kept private with a permanent virtual address, and that you benefit from delivering a professional business image without the hassle or cost.

“Makes sure we don’t miss any sales enquiries.”

“It means we can be anywhere in the world.  By having a reliable virtual office service means I can do my job and know things will still get done and not be missed.”

Easy & Convenient Service

What’s important for every customer is that the service we provide is hassle free and convenient – whether that be being able to pick up your mail when it’s convenient or know you have a set monthly price so you can manage your costs.  After all, the aim is to help you with your business, not become an extra thing you need to take care of.  

“Locality as it’s easy for me to pop in.”

“Price – one set price for everything I need.”

“We don’t have the need for an office, but at the same time we still have the convenience that post and parcels can be delivered to the company address.”

“Trustworthy mailbox services which is accessible 24/7.”

“We chose Hexagon as they are local to us, being able to quickly pop in and grab the post is handy.”

Trustworthy & Impressive Team

Like any team member, you want to know that you’re working with people who are professional and can get the job done in the way you would do it yourself.  That’s why at Hexagon Virtual Office we pride ourselves on having a team that will truly work as an extension of your business, representing who and what you business needs.

“Impressed by their professionalism.”

“Have a good working relationship.”

“Easy to do business with – communicate clearly and easily.”

“They came highly recommended by another company.”

“The staff are fantastic and act ads an extension of my own business.”

So, if you’re a trades person or self-employed and thin you could benefit from becoming a Virtual Office Tenant – get in touch with one of team today.

Note:  all quotes have been kindly provided by our amazing virtual office tenants