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Could serviced offices be the answer to the new way of working locally?

17 September 2021

With the COVID lockdown lifting, businesses are starting to get back to normal and staff are being encouraged to return to the office. However, after over a year of working at home, many people are keen to adopt a more flexible pattern of working with a mix of office and home working. For those fed up with the four walls of the spare room or the chaos of the dining room, having a low cost, easy in easy out serviced office and working locally is the answer to home working.

For many, the time saved on the daily commute is the deciding factor on how many days you want to be in the office. The risk of catching COVID on public transport or the dread of returning to the rush hour traffic jams is encouraging many people to think about flexible working. 

The pandemic has proven that we can work from home, the big question is do we want to continue to do so? The debate rages about the long term effect of home working on our mental health and the sense of isolation, the lack of team spirit, direction and motivation. This, combined with the lack of opportunity for junior staff to learn on the job from more experienced staff, points to a desire to return to the office, but the peace and quiet of home and the ability to focus without distractions also make sense.

By using a local serviced office and working locally but not at home may be the answer. 

The 10 benefits of working locally in serviced offices are:

  1. A business environment with no distractions
  2. Your own dedicated office
  3. Keep home and work separate, so you can go home at the end of the day and leave your workplace behind
  4. Only a short commute
  5. Monthly licence fee
  6. Easy in easy out monthly terms
  7. Feel part of a business hub
  8. Shared kitchens and cloakrooms
  9. Communal areas cleaned for you
  10. Range of sizes of offices – work alone or with colleagues, move to larger offices or downsize as required

Hexagon Business Centres is a hub for Witney businesses with three business centres and a range of offices sizes that offer a solution to working locally. To find out about current availability, call 01993 848770 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.