Why work from home but use a business address?

Wittas House, Hexagon Business Centres, Witney

Many home-based businesses prefer to use a business address that is not their home address. Although they use their home as an office, for a number of reasons business owners do not always want to register their home address or indeed to use it in their letterheads, websites and email footers. The alternative is to become a virtual tenant and have a business address, often at a business centre.

Registered office

A company’s Registered Office address can be anywhere in England or Wales (if that is where the company is registered) and does not need to be the same address as the one the company carries out its business from. Accountants or solicitors sometimes allow the use of their address as the registered address for a fee. Some business centres also offer this service for a one off fee.

Business address

A business address is one that you use as your business’s address but it might not necessarily be where your business is physically based. It is not always the same as using a different address to home as your registered office.

There are two main reasons why home-based firms use a business address:

1 To make your business look more professional

If customers have to send you things, it looks unprofessional to have an address that is obviously a residential address. For example using ‘5 Acacia Avenue, Witney’ may give the impression that your business is rather smaller than you would like people to think, does not employ many people, is home-based and generally makes you look unprofessional.

On the other hand, using a business address like ‘Wittas House, Station Lane, Witney’ immediately implies that you are a bigger organisation, may well employ staff and that you are probably based in an office building in a business district. For people who send you post, visit you or receive invoices and correspondence from you, this gives a more professional image.

2 To take in your post and deliveries

If you have frequent deliveries that need signing for there is nothing more frustrating than missing the delivery when you are not at home. By using a business address, there is always someone to take in your post during office hours, meaning that you never miss a delivery.

Having a business address that takes in post or couples as a mail receiving service provides your business with a street address rather than a post office box number, which people often still perceive as being slightly questionable. 

How to chose a business address service

If you are having your post delivered to the business address then that address needs to be located conveniently for you to collect your post on a regular basis. Most business centres that offer a virtual tenant service have 24-hour access for post collection or will make other arrangements to send your post on to you. You need to check that there is someone there during office hours to sign for deliveries and that there is somewhere to store them safely until you can collect.

Hexagon Business Centres offers virtual tenants a business address for just £25/month and for a one off payment of £20 this can be used as a Registered Office address. To find out more call 01993 848770 or email reception@hexagonbusinesscentres.co.uk