Why use a telephone answering service?

Telephone answering service at Hexagon Business Centres

We all know that first impressions count. Which is why the most important people in any business are the receptionist who greets visitors, the retail assistant who welcomes shoppers and the person who answers the phone.

Telephone answering for small businesses

For smaller businesses, employing a receptionist to answer the phone is not always possible, nor is leaving the call to go to voicemail when you are not available. And yet if your business is looking to provide outstanding customer service, the phone needs to be answered every time it rings.

Many small businesses use a telephone answering service to take their calls. But there are call centre telephone answering services and then there are more personalised telephone answering services and you need to make sure that the one you choose is right for your business.

Integral part of your business

With our telephone answering service, we answer your calls in your company name, as if we work for you. In fact, most callers think we are in the same office as you.

Here at Hexagon Business Centres, we know all our virtual tenants. We know their businesses, we know their staff, we know their names. For all intents and purposes we are part of their team. This means that we answer their calls as if we are based in their office and are part of their business.

So why use a telephone answering service?

Rather than answering the phone when you are busy doing something else and rather than the caller having to leave a message on voicemail, a professionally answered call can change the way your business is perceived. We answer calls in your company's name so that callers have a positive impression of your business. It also makes your business appear larger than it might actually be and, if you are a new business, more established.

Still not sure? Just think of all those missed opportunities if you don’t take a call. We are not a call centre, so we get to know your regular callers just as someone who works for you would, we can give real reasons why you are not able to take the call, not just that you are not available, because we get to know you and your business.

Passing on messages

We pass on messages in a method that suits you, by email or SMS or you can call in for them at a set time each day. We take comprehensive messages too, not just a name and number and if you want, we can even have access to your diary to make appointments.

Don’t just take our word for it. This is what some of our virtual tenants say about our telephone answering service:

“I really do appreciate the time and trouble you are taking with our calls!  The service you ladies provide is first class and we are very thankful we have found you.”

“Thank you all for doing such a sterling job for us and taking such comprehensive and accurate messages.”

Talk to us about our telephone answering service. Call us on 01993 848770 or reception@hexagonbusinesscentres.co.uk