Off site meetings

Off site meeting room at Hexagon Business Centres

We are all now slaves to technology. Our days are controlled by reading messages on mobiles, phone calls and emails which is why it is sometimes good to escape the office, put the IT away and have an off site meeting without distractions.

Off site meetings in different surroundings offer uninterrupted thinking time, enable clarity of thought and often bring a fresh perspective to the topics under discussion.

Even if you have a meeting space in the office, people can be late, delayed at their desks, distracted or easily accessible if something more urgent comes up, which is where using an off site meeting room can be beneficial.

Being out of your normal surroundings means that people are slightly out of their comfort zone and therefore more tuned in to the meeting. A different environment can focus the mind and provide a fresh perspective on the content of the meeting.

Whether it’s blue-sky thinking, strategy, brainstorming or simply planning for the future, being in a different location clears away any familiarity and fosters a creative environment in which to spark ideas.

When looking for a meeting room to hire for an off site meeting, you should consider the location and how easy it is for the attendees to get to whether they are arriving by car or public transport. The room needs to suit the layout you require ie boardroom, classroom or theatre style and give some space for mingling beforehand and afterwards.

Does it have presentation facilities like a screen, flip chart and white board available and are they included in the price or charged as extra? The same applies to refreshments. Some venues include water, tea and coffee in the room rate whilst others charge per head. Most venues can provide sandwich lunches, mid-morning pastries and breakfasts to order.

The meeting room at Hexagon Business Centres in Witney offers a professional meeting environment for up to 12 people in boardroom table style. The meeting room is fully equipped with presentation screen, whiteboard and flipcharts. Pastries and fresh fruit breakfasts and delicious, well-filled, homemade sandwich lunches can be provided to meet your requirements and unlimited coffee and tea is completely free.

To find out more or to book a meeting room at Hexagon Business Centres call 01993 848770 or email