Co-working space in Witney

Shared office space or co-working desks at Hexagon Business Centres

The way we work is changing. Working from a conventional office is no longer the norm and yet many people prefer not to work from home. Renting a desk in a shared office space or in a co-working desk space is often an attractive solution for freelancers and individuals who feel isolated working from home.

Having a desk in a shared office or co-working space gives freelancers, start-ups or SME’s the ability to have some desk space without taking a whole office. All services like broadband and heating are included in the simple monthly fee, which makes budgeting easy. Co-working space gives users access to a shared kitchen area for making coffee and tea or storing lunch and snacks.

Most co-working spaces offer fully equipped meeting room facilities for private meetings, interviews or training and a receptionist can usually welcome visitors. If businesses grow and need more than just desk space, being in a business centre or co-working space makes it easy to upgrade to a serviced office, which gives a private office, for 1 or more people office, on easy in easy out terms.

Space aside, co-working areas give people running their own business an immediate community of other entrepreneurs to talk to and network with. The collaborative nature of co-working spaces facilitates networking opportunities, enabling new business owners to chat with potential clients, find out recommendations for suppliers and even to find future business partners. Other services like telephone answering and admin support are usually offered which can help make a new business look and sound more professional.

Having a desk in a co-working space is an attractive solution for freelancers and individuals feeling isolated working from home but who are not quite ready for a whole office.

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