3 reasons to hold your next meeting offsite

Hexagon meeting room for hire for offsite meetings in Witney

If you have a meeting room facility in your office it makes sense to use it financially, but sometimes using an offsite meeting venue has a number of additional benefits. Of course, it’s often the easy option to arrange a meeting in house but offsite meetings can provide a more productive setting…..

1 Change of scene

You might have the most amazing office space, but just taking staff out of their familiar day-to-day surroundings makes for a better meeting environment. Staff may have a different attitude outside of the office to attending just ‘another meeting’ in the office. 

2 Feeling special

Most firms use offsite venues for important meetings and staff know this, so if they are asked to attend an offsite meeting they know that it is an important one.  This is reflected in a them being more focussed, maybe dressing a bit smarter than they might for an office meeting and maybe approaching it in a more serious way. 

3 Improve focus

If you’re in the office it’s easy for people to find you and interrupt with that important telephone call or a question that apparently just can’t wait. Yet strangely when you’re offsite they can wait until you finish the meeting. It also ensures that people don’t slope off early or head back to their desks to catch up on emails during breaks. Having meetings out of the office can mean less disturbance and interruptions.

Holding your meetings offsite may not always appear to be cost effective but they can be very effective as far as productivity is concerned, so it’s certainly worth considering going offsite for important meetings. Whether it is for a brainstorming session, a strategy meeting or just a key meeting, offsite meetings have lots of benefits. 

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