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Spotlight on our tenant Jolt

06 June 2023

There is nothing better than hearing first hand from our tenants about how they find the Hexagon team and facilities. So today we’d like to give a super warm welcome and introduce you to our tenant Wes West at Jolt, who will be candidly sharing with us a little more about life as a Hexagon tenant.

So, let’s kick off!

Jolt is an animation studio who produce a range of animated content, including motion graphics and story-driven explainer videos, designed to help clients to communicate big and often complex ideas in an emotionally impactful way. Jolt work with non-profits such as Unicef, Blue Cross and Oxfam as well as a variety of commercial clients.

What is does a typical day look like?

I walk to work most days, unless it's pouring with rain, in which case I'll drive and leave my car in the carpark. I share the office with two other talented friends who work in design and web development, so there's lots of opportunity to share skills and ideas. We have a kettle and fridge in the office for making tea, but we'll use the kitchen to make anything more elaborate. At lunchtime, I'll either take a walk in the fields nearby or walk into the centre of Witney to run some errands. I usually work a pretty standard day and because I'm so close to home, I'm back in time for dinner with my family.

What made you decide to use Hexagon office space?

We decided to use Hexagon because it's really flexible. There's no long-term contract, so if things change, we're not locked in. In the past we've rented a private office together but sharing out the bills between us can be a pain. With Hexagon, everything is included, so we don't have think about it.

What were you looking for from a serviced office space?

We wanted a space that was pleasant and relaxed. We bump into people from other offices in the corridor and everyone seems friendly. Having a sunny, private space where we can get away from the chaos of home life and focus on work has been essential to the success of the business.

How did you find and hear about Hexagon and why did you choose it over other options?

We'd known about Hexagon through word of mouth and we were lucky that the perfect-sized office became available at just the right time. The reasonable pricing, flexibility and pleasant surroundings make it a really good fit for our needs.

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