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Hexagon is more than just a place to work

12 October 2023

If you are a small and start up business wanting to move on from working at the kitchen table, a business wanting an office away from home or a freelancer needing an alternative to the coffee shop, Hexagon Business Centres provide the perfect workspace for you.

But a great day at work isn’t just about where you work from, is it?  A great day involves being inspired by others, making human connections and having conversations that spark with energy.

When you become a tenant at Hexagon Business Centres you have access to so much more than just the office space.

Let us explain.

An eco-system for businesses

One of the main benefits of a serviced office is that you share a building with a whole bunch of different businesses, ranging in sector and size.  At Hexagon we offer all tenants access to the ‘Hex Hub’ which provides a directory of every tenant and virtual tenant, across all our Centres, and details on what their business offers. 

This is often particularly useful when you need to, for example, find a web designer, or accountant, but also encourages collaboration amongst tenants, where relationships and referrals often take place.

Think of it as a tenant community that can facilitate new connections and make introductions to likeminded local individuals.

Everyday learning

Every day is a school day and at Hexagon Business Centres, we are no different.  One of the main challenges a smaller business can face is accessing ‘knowledge’ outside of their core business capability, or having the need to know more about the latest topic that could help your business.

Hexagon Business Centres ensure that tenants not only have access to a range of business events – such as ‘things to consider when writing a marketing plan’ or ‘how to do a tax return’, but also allow tenants to advertise their own events.  This could be anything from a tenant hosting a wellbeing yoga session, or product exhibition through to a webinar or event providing advice on a topic such as cyber security.

Social Interaction

And last, but by no means least is the fact of talking to and connecting with other humans.   It is sometimes difficult if you are self-employed or a small business to interact with other people if you are working by yourself all day – especially post pandemic.  

Hexagon Business Centres not only pride themselves on getting to personally know every one of our tenants, but actively try to create informal social events where we can come together and relax.  Whether it is hosting a monthly pizza gathering, delivering ice creams when its hot (you can see the food theme here!) or holding fundraising events to help support the local community, we focus heavily on being approachable and making the workplace fun and interactive. 

Afterall, we spend an awfully long amount of time at our workplace, so why not choose to work in an environment that is much more than four walls.