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An office space with flexibility to grow as your business grows

01 November 2023

Finding the right office space that is perfectly sized for you and your needs may sound like a simple thing to do, but with many businesses wanting to scale and growth their business or needing to change their operating model to match their current situation, being tied into the wrong office space can be a game changer.

One great thing about Hexagon Business Centres is the flexibility that it offers – allowing your business to get more or less workspace, quickly and easily, as it needs it.

Hexagon serviced offices offer short-term lease agreements which allow businesses to scale up or down quickly as their needs change. This flexibility is particularly helpful for businesses in the growth phase, as they may need to add more space, or reduce it depending on their evolving requirements.

The critical thing is how easily and quickly this can be achieved – after all, moving offices can be both stressful and disruptive and heavily impact day to day work.

Traditionally moving offices would require a contract to be expiring before a move can even be considered, with substantial penalty fees for early termination. Then there is the challenge of finding a new space at the exact time that you require it (and we’re not even going to mention the headache of then sorting out all the IT, change of address).

This is where the serviced office model and Hexagon Business Centres are different. Our tenants have contracts that are flexible and with such a choice of workspace. Often tenants are able to easily upgrade to a larger space within the same building facility. This significantly minimises disruption and relocation costs and can be achieved quickly and seamlessly.

Over the years, for a variety of reasons, many of our tenants have scaled up or down their office space to better suit their business needs at the time.

Typically, tenants tend to move to larger office when they have a need for double the capacity – for example we have a tenant who started in a two-person office in 2018, moved to a six-person office and are now in an office that is suitable for twelve people. All done with ease and without the hassle of changing buildings.

Other tenants have simply added on more space by taking on tenancy of a smaller adjacent space that can then be used as a meeting room for their business or for storage.

And for those tenants needing to downsize who may no longer need an office space but still require the administration support, we have been able to provide them with continued help in answering their calls, taking mail or providing a virtual business address – again with little disruption to their day-to-day work.

Having a working environment that works for you has never been more important, so that you’re able to support business growth, better manage costs and have the flexibility that you need.

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