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8 reasons why a serviced office workspace is the new wfh

23 February 2023

Are you a start-up or a small business and dream of having an office workspace, but the cost and enormity of it just stops you in your tracks? You’re not alone. For many, making the move from the kitchen table into an office space is usually held up by the thought of rigid, long-term lease commitments, significant upfront costs, and a whole heap of lengthy upheaval.

However, serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Here we share some of the benefits, to tempt you into considering stepping out of your front door and using a serviced office.


Typically, in a prime location and close to amenities, serviced offices enable you to have a physical presence in your chosen geographic location. You also benefit from projecting a professional image at the fraction of the cost of a traditional long-term lease.

Only pay for what you need

Every business at some point wants to either expand or reduce depending on circumstances. Trying to do this when tied into a long-term lease agreement is not an option. With a serviced office, you pay for exactly what space and amenities you need – whether that is one small room or a whole floor, or additional support such as telephone answering.

Affordable and predictable costs

Every business wants to be able to control and predict their office costs. A serviced office enables a business to simplify their budgeting with a single, monthly, all-in fee, with no long term traditional lease agreement. This fee covers everything - office rental, business rates and utilities meaning there are no surprise bills.

Flexibility to upscale and downscale

Every business wants to be able to flex and scale their operations and costs as their business demands. A serviced office allows you to make sure you have the right office space and support for what you need when you need it, allowing you to be agile and flexible to change.

Extra support

Amongst the many benefits of a serviced office, is that they provide support who will work as an extension of your business as an extra pair of hands. The reception team will greet your visitors, accept your post, and even offer additional services such as telephone answering when required. The huge advantage to this is that you don’t have to employ this resource.

Hit the ground running

A serviced office offers everything on day one that a business needs to hit the ground running, from fast and reliable connectivity through to a staffed reception area, parking and kitchen area. This means there is little down time in the move and it’s easy to move in and out – ideal when running a business.

Ready-made business network

Serviced offices are typically populated by businesses of varying sizes and sectors. This mix provides a great opportunity to join a ready-made business community.

Meeting room space

Sometimes a different space is required on an ad hoc basis to either meet new clients or to hold meetings or training sessions in. Serviced offices offer meeting room space that can be hired as and when you need it – another great benefit for both your team and for hosting clients.

It’s easy to see the advantages that a serviced office can offer over working from your kitchen table or from a traditional office.

Don’t just take our word for it either – here is what our tenants think!

“I love having the space to work free from the distractions of home life: knocks at the door, laundry that needs doing, kids coming home from school … it helps me be more focused.”
Wes West, Jolt Animation Studio

“Due to our ongoing growth and team expansion, we started looking at our office options in the spring of 2021. We knew that we wanted to stay in Witney and we needed an office for five staff but we knew that we also needed to have the capacity to grow the team. We were looking for a nice, open-plan office, to be within walking distance of the town centre and to have flexible move in/out conditions. What we actually got was all of this and more. The team at Hexagon are polite, professional, friendly and very responsive to queries or issues. It is great to have an all-inclusive rent arrangement. Many of our customers comment on how nice our office space is and in such a lovely part of the town. We have made some great connections with other tenants and we are very pleased that we took the decision to base ourselves here. Hexagon isn't just a serviced office, it is a community brought together by an amazing, committed team.”
Paul Coombes, Beyond Your Brand

See for yourself how fast and easy it is and check out our various serviced office spaces and services.